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JAKARTA – 20 Contoh Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 Semester 1 penting untuk diketahui bagi kamu yang sedang ujian. Supaya bisa mendapatkan nilai yang memuaskan dalam Penilaian Akhir Semester (PAS) Semeter 1 ini tentu diperlukan adanya persiapan yang matang.

Contoh soal Penilaian Akhir Semester Bahasa Inggris kelas 12 semester 1 ditujukkan untuk siswa dan orangtua/wali murid untuk memandu proses belajar siswa selama dirumah. Kumpulan contoh soal PAS kelas 12 semester 1 ini terdiri dari 20 soal pilihan ganda. Dikutip dari laman resmi Ruang Guru, Rabu (6/12/2023), contoh soal ini dapat dikerjakan dirumah sebagai langkah untuk mengingat kembali materi yang diajarkan oleh bapak dan ibu guru di sekolah.


Berikut 20 Daftar Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Semester 1

Bacalah bacaan berikut dengan seksama!

Teks berikut digunakan untuk soal nomor 1 – 4

The passage is for the following question.

Once, a hunter lived in a village. He used to boast of his brave hunting trips to the villagers. The villagers respected him a lot. He mostly told everyone how he had fought a lion bare-handed. He said that the tiny animals used to get scared even at the sight of him.

One day, the hunter was passing through a forest. He met a woodcutter from the same village.

The boastful hunter approached him and said, “How are you? it’s a fine day, isn’t it?”

“Yes, yes, indeed!” the woodcutter replied.

“Well, can you tell me if you have seen some footprints of the lion nearby? it’s been months since i defeated any.”

The woodcutter knew that the hunter only boasted, so he said, “Yes, a lion is in a nearby den. Can i take you there?”

The scared hunter said, “No … No … i only just wanted to see his footprints.”

Finally, the boastful hunter ran away from the spot.

1. What is the best title for the text?

A Boastful Hunter

B. A Brave woodcutter

C. A Woodcutter’s Advice

D. A Woodcutter’s Rewards

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2. What did the hunter boast about himself?

A. Nobody defeated him.

B. He was the smartest man.

C. He was the strongest man.

D. He was the most courageous man

3. What did hunter feel when the woodcutter said that there was a lion in a nearby den?

A. Upset.

B. Scared.

C. Jealous.

D. Disappointed


4. If the hunter met a wild animal on the way, he probablyy would … it.

A. trap.

B. fight.

C. catch.

D. avoid

The following test is for question 5 – 9

I live in a village called Amed in Bali, about two hours from Kuta. It is a beach village and one of the best places for scuba diving in Bali. To reach my village, you will need a lot of energy because it is an exhausting trip. The road is curved and there are many ups and downs too. But as soon as you arrive in Amed, your efforts will be paid by the beauty of my village.

Unlike other places in Bali, Amed is a calm and peaceful place. The bay, some sandy, others rocky appears to be lined with traditional fishing boats called Jukung. From the top of the hill, people can enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are no factories or industries in Amed, so the water and the soil in my village are still clean and unpolluted. This is needed to produce salt by the people in the village.

5. What does the text tell about?

A. Bali

B. The writer’s trip

C. Kuta

D. Beautiful village

6. What makes Amed different from other places in Bali?

A. Amedis a place for scuba diving

B. It needs a lot of energy to get there

C. Amed is a calm and peaceful place

D. Amed has many star rated hotels

7. Where can people enjoy beautiful scenery in Amed?

A. From the top of the hill

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B. From the top of the factory

C. From the beach of the village

D. From the roads of the village

8. “…. Because it is an exhausting” (paragraph 1)

The word ‘exhausting’ has a similar meaning to ….

A. tiring

B. exciting

C. confusing

D. challenging

9. Why does the writer’s village still clean and unpolluted because ….

A. there is factory

B. there is industry

C. there are no factories and industries

D. there is no transportation

10. Choose the following sentences with expression of hope…..

• I need a nice house

• I would like to have a nice house

• Hopefully I have nice house

• I like a new house

11. Choose the correct answer:

“I ____ to the beach every weekend.”

a) go

b) goes

c) went

d) gone

12. Fill in the blank with the correct word:

“She ____ a book when I saw her.”

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13. Rearrange the words to form a correct sentence:

the / park / I / went / to / yesterday

14. Choose the correct synonym for the word “happy”:

a) sad

b) joyful

c) angry

d) tired


15. Rewrite the sentence using the passive voice:

“They are building a new bridge.”

16. Complete the sentence with the correct preposition:

“I’m looking forward ____ my birthday party.”

17. Choose the correct form of the verb:

“He ____ his homework every day.”

a) do

b) does

c) did

d) done

18. Fill in the blank with the correct article:

“I have ____ apple in my bag.”

19. Choose the correct form of the adjective:

“She is the ____ girl in the class.”

a) tall

b) taller

c) tallest

d) more tall

20. Rewrite the sentence using a different verb tense:

“I have lived in this city for five years.”

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